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4 things you should know about car transport insurance

The car is a very expensive commodity. It is the second biggest investment people make in their lifetime. After purchasing, we insure our cars against theft, accidents and other damages. People often hire an auto transport company to transport their car when they move to a new place. These companies also provide insurance for your car. But you should know in detail what clauses their insurance covers to transport your car safely. Here are four things you should consider.

Get a proof of insurance

By law car, transport companies must have a valid insurance. You should ask the company questions related to the insurance policy. You should find out if the insurance covers damage that occurs during the shipping process. You should also make sure whether the insurance covers the entire car or parts of it only.

Get things in Writing

Before finalizing your decision regarding auto shipping company, you should get everything in writing. This is necessary to protect you in the case of any unforeseen events.

Contact your car insurance company

Sometimes individual car insurance company may cover cars during transport. So, you should check with your auto insurance company to find out if your insurance covers it or not. Learn whether you need to inform your insurance company when shipping your car.

Take out loose items from inside the car

Most car transport companies won’t cover any damage to the interior. You should remove any loose items from inside the car so that any damage doesn’t occur. These include keys, CDs, etc.

These tips will help you to make sure that your car is in safe hands. You should keep the contact number of your shipping company so that you can always be in touch with them and know about the condition of your car.