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5 things you should do when there is a car accident

Car accidents are very common incidents. It happens every day. If you drive your company car and become a victim of such incident, then there are things you can do that can help you win a lawsuit. Being a driver here are some things you can do at the accident site.

Stay calm

When there is an accident, you are probably the only professional person here. So, you should remain calm. You should do the right things for the people in the scene. You are driving your company car so you are still on duty. You shouldn’t admit your fault right away to anyone.


You shouldn’t remove anyone or anything from the crash scene unless you are told to do so by the police. The crash scene must be as it is unless the police arrive.

Get help

You should call 911 immediately. You can give first aid treatment to the injured people. Most companies train their drivers in first aid treatment.

Get information from witness

You should get the name, address, phone number, license plate number, etc. of witnesses. You should behave well with them. Their testimony can be favorable for your case.

Let your company know

You should call your company and tell about the accident. You shouldn’t be afraid to call them. The company will help you be clear about this case if you are innocent.

The drivers must be trained in these so that they know what to do at a crash scene. These steps can help to win the lawsuit and save the company’s money if the accident wasn’t the driver’s fault.